Questions & Answers

Q. What lengths, widths and heights can be built?
A. Small van to 45' Length x 8' Width x 8' Height.
Q. What truck or chassis can it be fitted on?
A. Any truck or chassis available in the market subject to JPJ approval.
Q. What product is being transported?
A. Chilled, frozen, confectionary products.
Q. What is the refrigeration system's temperature range?
A. From ambient to - 40°C.
Q. What types of floor is available?
A. Stainless steel corrugated floor, stainless steel flat floor, aluminium chequer plate floor, aluminium flat floor, stainless steel chequer plate floor.
Q. What type of body construction is available?
A. Sandwich-type composite.
Q. What refrigeration system is being used?
A. Thermo King, Mitsubishi, Carrier, etc.
Q. What types of rear door is available?
A. Standard bi part door, single leaf door, triple door, sectional door, etc.
Q. What types of side door is available?
A. Full height door, hatch door, etc.
Q. What interior/exterior lighting options do you require?
A. Interior lighting available in incandescent, fluorescent and LED versions; Exterior lighting options include additional clearance lights and marker lights.
Q. What bumper, step and/or ramp requirements are necessary?
A. Bumper options include standard and step bumpers; folding steps are available.
Q. How do we size refrigeration equipment?
A. We sized the refrigeration load according to ATP standard.